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My Little Bean Pony by Winged-kitsune
My Little Bean Pony
EDIT: Added Applejack's freckles cuz I'm a dumbass and forgot.

After catching up on the last season of MLP:FIM, I had make some fanart in my chubby style; now dubbed "Bean Style".

I will most likely be turning these into a charm set for my Etsy, cuz I'm a Twilight fan. Wink/Razz 
Nova's Gala Dress by Winged-kitsune
Nova's Gala Dress
Working on an Ultimate Reference Sheet for Nova Sky and just finished her Gala dress.

I'm very happy with how her hair turned out. :happybounce: *finally getting used to the MLP art style little by little*
Nova Sky/Dream Weaver Ponysona by Winged-kitsune
Nova Sky/Dream Weaver Ponysona
Still in a mad internal debate over her name. Advice is appreciated.

Race: Unicorn

Special Talent: Imaginative/Creative Magic; using magic to bring her imagination to life through writing, holograms/light shows, and materialization.

Occupation: Author & Designer; also performs light and laser shows at festivals

Notable spells:
    Dream Journal: Records dreams of the user in written form. Use for lucid dreaming, meditation/clarifying one's problems, or to curb nightmares. Taught by Luna.   
    Dreamweaving: A reconstruction of the Dream Journal spell, it turns daydreams and brainstorms into written form. User needs a lot of paper.
    Catharsis: Similar to dreamweaving, but used to produce artwork.
    Visualization: Converts mental images to holograms. Excellent for story-boarding, designing, and parties!
    Materialization: Creating physical objects from mental images. Used primarily for designing projects. Currently only able to achieve if required materials (matter) is present. Creating matter from nothing is, IMO,  alicorn-level magic. She might eventually graduate to this level, but she is far from a leader currently.

Brief Description/History:
    Introverted and a bit of a hermit, but won't shut up about her creative pursuits. Polite and compromising with a disdain for conflict. Can be a tad self-centered, childish, and absent-minded. Excels in magic and has a vast imagination. A typical egghead and over-achieving teacher's pet, she's an accomplished student but no prodigy; please don't make her do Math or book reports as "reading is an    adventure, not a punishment". Commonly described as flighty due to daydreaming, and will happily spend a week in bed doing just that; granted she'll have a manuscript ready to go by then. Her room is littered with    papers and storyboards. She loves science and originally went to school in Stratlanta for Biology, causing her to remain a Blank Flank which she hid under skirts. Learning Luna's Dream Journal spell made her realize her true passion and talent. She then moved to her family farm in Northern Fillydelphia to help reinvigorate the business and start her creative projects. Her magic is self-taught. She has a bat pony half-sister, Night Fang and a pet chicken named Mango. A current side project is to learn a spell to give her and Mango flight (b/c Mango is round and fluffy and can't fly).

"But Twilight is..." Disclaimer (B/c ponies bitch at anything)
    There are plenty of other exceedingly talented unicorns besides Twilight. There is an entire academy dedicated to them. Twilight is 1) the MC and 2) a prodigy. She is Google as a purple pony on the verge of god-hood. Nova/Dream/whatever I decide on this century, specializes in imagination-based spells *insert rainbow "imagination" gif*. Sure, she knows basic telekinesis (like all unicorns), but besides a simple healing spell (created using her biology knowledge) her main study is on thought magic. Not teleportation, or time travel, and certainly not Rainbow Power. She's not a Mane 7 (though would love to collab w/Rarity on outfits) nor a wannabe princess (God, no). She does teach here and there, but that's a simple "use your imagination" lesson. Maybe the occasional bio tutor for a struggling filly, or an unwanted science-fact-of-the-day. That's it. Basically, if this was D&D, Twilight is a wizard and Nova/Dream is a sorceress. Twilight studies a hellvalota spells for her arsenal, while Nova/Dream creates her own select few.

More to come later...
Breaking Bad doodle cats by Winged-kitsune
Breaking Bad doodle cats
Crap doodles resulting from a long fanversation with the Chem teacher I was subbing for.


Winged-kitsune's Profile Picture
Sera Cross
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Current obsession: Pokemon

Name: Brittany
Age: 27
Occupation: Farm Hand & Substitute Teacher
Location: Pennsylvania USA
Hobbies: Photography, CG Anime, Jewelry Making, Baking, Creative Writing, Science, Daydreaming, Video Games, Sleeping, Facebook
Likes: Free Time, Chocolate, Sleep, Cats, Sushi, Chickens!
Dislikes: Anything boring and tedious, Early Mornings (before noon), Bugs, Smelly Dogs, Hot Weather, Sour things, Slow Internet!

Like my etsy on FB!!…

For those of you who don’t know, “Heart of Fire” is my current writing project (or obsession if you live with me). Originally written as a screenplay, it is being rewritten for print as a YA novel series (because it is ridiculously difficult to pitch a children’s CG script as an unknown).

One advantage–and at times disadvantage–is the ability to include limitless detail into the world created. This is by far my favorite, and brain-wracking, aspect of the writing experience. I am both excited and overwhelmed to join the class of “world creators”; from building continental maps (trees are a bitch!), to detailing the creation, use, and biology of items and creatures (best believe there WILL BE an itemized document), to creating the culture and language (shoot me!) of all FIVE main races involved in Syra’s (MC) journey across mountain, plain, and floating forests!

Aside from giving an up-close tour of the world, the goal of this series (4 books, currently) is to expose readers to hard, real-life situations in a fantasy setting. For a generation emerging into a culture of political debate and correctness, racial and sexual turbulence, financial class division, a widening age gap, and broken families, it is important to relate to others who share the same confusion, insecurity, and distrust one has when seeing the world for the first time with eyes unclouded by child naivete.

Syra, the good-hearted but naive protagonist, fills this role of liaison. A product of a broken family, she is caudled in a superficially utopian city until they discover she is not like them; not even the same species. Her mission takes her, along with her estranged siblings, a temperamental pixie, and an ex-fiance, on a circum-regional journey through all five realms to meet the five races and the instabilities that inhabit the Tairon Region. (And that’s just Book 1)

Throughout the series, themes of love vs. duty, (un)forgiveness & redemption, envy, family bonds, good vs. evil, and leadership shape and reshape characters into people they never expected to become.

TLDR: In short, I’m writing a YA book series I think is really cool, and I hope you’ll think it’s really cool, too. So, I will be posting each new chapter as they’re written in hopes that more people will enjoy it–and I’ll, mayhaps, get more critiques, cuz those are expensive. XD *nervous laugh* Did I mention Syra’s a dragon?!
  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Ending of Madoka Magica
  • Reading: A Gift of Dragons by Anne McCaffrey
  • Watching: Once Upon A Time, MLP: Fim, Pokemon X Y
  • Playing: Story of Seasons 3DS
  • Eating: leftovers
  • Drinking: Water

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